C. Jay Wynn, PE, PTOE, LSIT

CEO and Owner

Jay Wynn is the CEO and owner of CJW Transportation Consultants. He has over 30+ years of experience in civil engineering and land transportation planning and design. Jay opened CJW Transportation consultants in 2005 in an effort to fulfill a transportation engineering niche that he felt was lacking in the southwest Missouri region. Serving the area as a transportation consultant proved very successful and quickly allowed the company to expand into a full service civil engineering firm offering a complete spectrum of civil engineering solutions. Jay currently manages a staff of 20 and takes an active role in all his company’s projects. He believes in a “hands on” approach and is involved as the principal engineer on all projects. Jay’s typical responsibilities include serving as the client liaison, developing the scope of work, cost estimating, coordinating work with other entities both public and private, negotiating with state and local agencies, reviewing final plans and specifications, and construction management. Jay is also responsible for assisting his clients in the procurement of private and public funding sources such as Capital Improvement Programs, LPA processes, Grant acquisition such as Transportation Enhancement funding requirements, and NEPA.

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