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Springfield, MO - Unique Solution for Stormwater Management

In order to accommodate site constraints for a new multi-tenant development, CJW worked with the developer to maximize the site which allowed for a greater return on investment. To achieve this, one innovative technique utilized by CJW was to design an underground detention basin.

CJW teamed with Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc (ADS) to use their SC-310 Stormtech Chambers to make the underground detention basin possible. The SC-310 chambers allow for the storage of large volumes of water at minimum depths. This chamber was ideal for this project as the system had to be installed under the parking lot while still being able to drain to the City's existing storm sewer. The system was sized to handle the stormwater runoff from the roof of the new building. The roof drains were tied directly into the underground system. A weir with a single 1/2" diameter hole located near the bottom was placed around the discharge pipe out of the underground basin. The weir prevents water from rushing out of the system and in turn encourages infiltration into the ground and improves water quality. In the event the underground system nears capacity, the water will over top the weir and flow directly into the City's storm system.

The team at CJW offers decades of experience and passion to assist the communities in which we live and work. It is our goal to help our clients complete their projects in the most innovative and cost effective way possible. To learn more about CJW, contact us at

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