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Clinton, MO - Complete Streets Project

After assisting the City of Clinton to identify projects for their transportation sales tax improvements, CJW worked with the City to get these projects constructed. One of these projects was Green Street, a corridor just north of the square that serves residents, businesses, and government agencies. Green Street was a Complete Streets project, meaning that it was designed to implement safe access for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all abilities and ages.

We worked to identify key improvements that would help to mitigate drainage issues in the area, while bringing the sidewalks into ADA compliance. In addition, many utilities that ran within the Green Street right-of-way were upgraded by the utility providers during the project. CJW assisted the City along every step of the project including making the decision to switch from asphalt pavement to concrete in order to facilitate a timely completion of the project. At this time, the final touches are being completed and the roadway has been reopened to the public. CJW and the City of Clinton have appreciated the public's patience as these necessary improvements have been constructed.

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